Pronounced mah-kah-rohn.  The final syllable is a very nasal sound that doesn't quite exist in English, almost as if saying "round" but with lips tightly pursed, and the "nd" is silent.
In Just One Bite !

Macarons first capture our attention with tantalizing colors - light green, golden yellow, hot pink, or velvety brown - that give them the appearance of jewels when they are arranged in a pastry shop case.  But they do not stand on looks alone.  The contrast between their crisp shells and soft fillings, their nutty sweetness, and their two-bite size makes them the most perfect way to satisfy a sweet craving.  Evoking timeless images of Parisians nibbling in delicate tea salons or sophisticated patisseries, they transport us to a more elegant time and place in just one bite.
Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Parsley and Pink Peppercorn Macarons with Chevre Filling

Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Assorted Macarons