Secrets of Professional Chefs for Home Bakers

Secrets of Professional Chefs for Home Bakers

How can you tell if a macaron is properly baked?

by Kathryn Gordon on 04/06/12

Macaron baking determination hints, per request on the Facebook page on the book! 

Let the macaron baking in your particular oven "talk to you..."

1) if you can easily lift it up, it was probably already baked 30 seconds + ago.  Remove the tray, slide the silicone sheet or parchment onto a cold pan (or counter) to start the cooling process).  Your filling will help "bring the moisture" back into the macaron -- which is an interesting trick...
2) if the batter is pulling down, like if you're impatient waiting for waffles to cook and you try to open the waffle iron - it's not cooked!  Shut the door and return to baking!  A sure sign of an undercooked macaron is a) dimples in the center and/or b) dark spots under the skin -- so you want to try to avoid those... 
3) if it's just perfect -- you can move the macaron if you gently try to move it by placing your fingers around the feet...  I always think I'm on some game show and they're going to give me a million dollars if I can move the macaron -- and if I can, you've got it!  Remove the pan from the oven!  Either steam off immediately (refer to the instructions in the book, page 32) or wait, like preferably until tomorrow!!!  Commercial places tend to freeze the pan at this stage to make the macaron removal easier -- but if your pans won't fit in your freezer, wait or expect to spend some time with an offset spatula.

Enjoy Your Macaron Baking!  Kathryn