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  Where to Eat Macarons

A Brief Eating Guide

French-style macarons have become popular worldwide, selling anywhere from fancy pastry shops to supermarkets. Sampling macarons made by professionals is a great way to become a better home macaron baker yourself: if you visit enough pastry shops and taste enough macarons—it’s a tough job but someone has to do it—you will realize how much shells, fillings, overall flavor, texture, etc. vary. When visiting a shop, ask if they use a French, Italian, or Swiss meringue base. That knowledge can help you understand texture differences between one shell and another. Not all macarons are created equal!  We guarantee if you eat enough on the same day, comparing them to each other -- you will learn a lot.

This Eating Guide focuses on Paris and New York—the former the original macaron city, and the latter one that is becoming a leader in the genre as well—and offers a highly selective list to help you plan macaron-focused visits to those places. Many more pastry shops offer macarons in either of these cities; these are just the ones I like best. Keep your eyes and ears open in your own city or town; you will likely notice that macarons have already taken over many a pastry case. And please let us know when you find a macaron you love! We will add it to the eating guide and work on expanding it to more locations.

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Paris, France 

​* New York City

​* Other US Cities

Kathryn would like to thank the pastry chef community and macaron loving friends who helped us create this initial list, including:  En-Ming Hsu, Natasha Capper, Tish Boyle and Elizabeth Faulkner.
Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Black Pepper Macarons with
Foie Gras and Black Currant Gastrique
Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Key Lime Macarons
Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Caramel Fleur de Sel on Orange Macaron
Link here to a general guide to macarons by Love n' Bake, a division of American Almond, who helped sponsor our book launch