What is a Macaron?

What Should a Parisian Macaron Look and Taste Like?

Since macarons are so specialized, people are not always sure of what to expect when eating a macaron, let alone when baking one. They might never have eaten one before and have no point of reference.   We hope our video will help, but you should look for three things: 

- a slightly shiny, thin shell with a very slight crunch that resists the teeth for a second when you bite into it; it should not be so delicate that it melts into the filling, or so thick that there is barely anything other than the crust;

- a proportional foot around the shell of the macaron: not too big or too wide, and certainly not non-existent; and

- an interior that is soft, moist, and only slightly chewy (excessive chewiness can be a sign of excessive baking time); the shell and filling, eaten together, should not be excessively sweet.

If macarons are not yet available in your town:

You can order by mail from MadMacNYC or MacaronParlour, or just check out our guide to where to eat Macarons in New York and Paris.  If you'd like to learn more about macarons, check out our guide to other macaron resources !
Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Sesame Macaron with Tomato Confit
Photo Credit:  Steve Legato
Assorted Macarons with Chamomile Ice Milk
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